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What does consuming knowledge do with identity?
What is the influence of registered information on imaging?
What does that reveil about our present time?

We have a lot of agreed-upon codes that refer to something.
We use signs that take the form of words and pictures to communicate.
Signs that have the ability to function through interpretation and recognition;
faces, food, flowers, animals, road signs.
I am specifically interested in interpretations and recognitions that are based on visual culture. 

In both indoor and outdoor areas, visual transfers take place through different knowledge systems;
Posters, newspapers, books, single images, traffic regulation signs, the internet.
Knowledge systems of visual transmission consisting of certain compositions, colours, shapes, letters, numbering and placement.

During my proces I often ask the following questions:
What influence do the knowledge systems of visual transmission have on the development of our imagery?
How are these systems of visual transmission constructed?
How are we conditioned to process this information?
And how does our influenced imaging reflect on the formation of norms and values?

In my work I play with form, placement and repetition by copying and inserting visual metaphors, creating my own symbols from photographic media to reconstruct influenced imagery. With this I also try to represent, dissect and question different knowledge systems of visual transfer. 


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